Unsubs have done a ton of gross, unseemly things with a variety of tools to a lot of poor, innocent victims on Criminal Minds over the past 11 years. To make it all look as real and spectacular as possible, the show turns to Al Eisenmann.

Eisenmann has been the prop master on Criminal Minds since Season 1, crafting and commissioning everything from faux guns and wine bottles to rubberized body parts, as he did for the third episode of the current 12th season. We recently stopped by the show's prop room, where Eisenmann showed us around his toy chest of weapons, clothing, limbs and — if you look closely — dog bowls (shout-out to Roxy!).

Check out the video to see which props are his favorites — and how he had to go about that infamous enucleation (you know, the removal of eyeballs) episode. ***Shudders thinking about it***

Criminal Minds airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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