It's a full-on AMBER Alert situation on Wednesday's Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders.

The IRT heads to Haiti on the Season 1 finale after Abby Wagner, the young daughter of an American family visiting the country, gets kidnapped. Her fate is hinted at in the episode title, "Paper Orphans," the term for children declared orphans through falsified documents by traffickers.

So, yeah, the IRT needs to move fast, and they're already a step behind. Simmons (Daniel Henney) barges into a grungy shed in the exclusive sneak peek above, only to find Abby's adorable stuffed elephant inside. "She was here, but she's gone," he radios to Jack (Gary Sinise).

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But a closer look suggests Abby might in worse shape than anyone thought. Check out the full clip above.

Daniel Henney, Criminal Minds: Beyond BordersDaniel Henney, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders airs back-to-back episodes starting at 9/8c Wednesday on CBS.

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