Craig Ferguson Craig Ferguson

The Craig Ferguson-Jimmy Fallon late-night competition appears to be anything but mean-spirited.

At Television Critics Association on Wednesday, Ferguson suggested that reviewers wait to sharpen their pens until Fallon has some time to adjust to the new job. Fallon is expected to take over Late Night in March, reports The Associate Press.

"I challenge you all to this: Give Jimmy a month before you review him," Ferguson told the group.

Ferguson said to the TCA group that there has been a lot of negative buzz about Fallon before he's even started — and that's just not fair.

Fallon is "kind of like the reverse Barack Obama. It's like he hasn't done anything yet, but everybody is commenting on his performance," Ferguson said. "Give him a chance."

NBC has revamped its late night programming: Conan O'Brien will join the Tonight Show as host in June in the 11:30 pm slot, while current host Jay Leno is moving to a new daily prime-time show at 10 pm on the Peacock.

How do you think Jimmy will fare? Will you tune in?