Question: One of my coworkers and I have been arguing about whether Larry David was one of the writers on Seinfeld. I say he was initially the producer and after a few shows was drafted to help write for the failing series. My friend says he was writing the show from the first episode. Who is right? We have $10 riding on this, and bear in mind that I suffered substantial damage due to Katrina while my friend had no damage at all. Thank you.

Answer: "Bear in mind," Joe? So... truth is determined by degree of suffering? Sorry, babe no can do.

Of course, you might've made it easier for me by being correct to begin with, but unfortunately your colleague did that instead. David (Curb Your Enthusiasm) is credited with cowriting the pilot of the hit series with Jerry Seinfeld, so he was banging away on scripts from Day 1. And as you probably already know, he's also credited with coming up with most of the concepts for the show, from being a "show about nothing" to having the character of George Costanza based on him.

Now pay up.