Christopher Gorham Christopher Gorham

USA's Covert Affairs will finally reveal how CIA agent Auggie Anderson (Christopher Gorham) became blind, in a flashback to his time in Iraq that airs July 19. 

I got the scoop at a panel I moderated with the show's stars and producers at the Television Academy. A vacationing Auggie heads to a jazz festival in Istanbul (the series will shoot on location) and "something happens that connects to his life before the accident and leads to the big reveal," says Chris, who reminded me that Auggie has told conflicting versions of his accident. "He'll finally come clean to Annie [Piper Perabo], which is a big step forward in their relationship. They definitely get a little deeper and closer."

Chris has already filmed some of Auggie's Iraq scenes — which show him playing football and engaged in combat with his unit — and says it was challenging to play the character as a sighted man. "I had to remember to make eye contact with people," he says. "Auggie was younger, more impulsive and reckless. He thought he was invincible."

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