Courting AlexWelcome back to prime-time television, Jenna Elfman ! Oh, how I've missed her adorable wackiness. For weeks now I've been reading that her new show wasn't worth watching, and I was a bit skeptical going into it, thinking it couldn't get any better than Dharma and Greg

, but I have to admit I really enjoyed it. Elfman is hilarious as Alex, a workaholic whose idea of intimacy is sleeping with her cell phone. No wonder she's still single in the big city. OK, it does sound like the premise of so many other failed shows out there (RIP, Emily's Reasons Why Not) but watching Alex take that leap of faith onto the motorcycle during the final moments had me wanting more. Maybe it was more of Josh Randall I was wanting. The former Ed star was supercharming as Scott, the owner of a bar that coincidentally was the bar Alex's firm was trying to buy out. Gotta admire a man who's not willing to take millions of dollars for his family's pride and joy to be turned into a skyscraper. But doesn't Alex know that mixing business with pleasure has "catastrophe" written all over it? After she tried so hard to ignore her obvious feelings for Scott, I was so relieved when Alex gave in and spontaneously ditched work for Coney Island. Oh, and I also must give major props to Dabney Coleman as Alex's witty daddy, who without a doubt had the funniest line in the show: When Alex mistakes him for her assistant, he replies, "Well, here's how you tell us apart: I've got a better ass." Enough said.