Katie Couric by Andrew Eccles/CBS Katie Couric by Andrew Eccles/CBS

Veteran newswoman Katie Couric says that she and Sen. Hillary Clinton have had their career trajectories stymied by sexism, which she claims is more tolerated than racism.

Positing that she, as the anchor of CBS Evening News, is competing "in the last bastion of male dominance," Couric tells the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, "Sexism in American society is more common than racism, and certainly more acceptable or forgivable."

Couric's apparent comparison of sexism to racism has drawn some fire, prompting her spokesperson to clear up something that perhaps was "lost in translation" by the Israeli news outlet. "Katie wouldn't, and didn't, say that sexism is more prevalent than racism," her rep tells the New York Daily News. "Her point was that sexism seems more tolerated."

Even Couric's sexism claim has been called into question, with experts noting that firefighting, the military and police work still present significant hurdles to women - and certainly not with the cushy pay of TV news anchoring. - Matt Mitovich