Couples Fear Factor
Yeah, I was the one complaining a few months ago about how boring and routine this show had gotten. So I shouldn't have a problem with the, uh, shocking way they're boosting ratings, right? Not exactly. Though I will admit, the electrified maze is pretty original. And I am morbidly curious about exactly how much juice is pumping through those live wires. I repeat: live freaking wires. But that's where the fun ends for me. The sparks were clearly the real deal, as were the contestants' shouts of pain. (Those ridiculously loud hisses and zaps sound a little too fake, though.) "Electric shocks can result in severe injury or death. Do not mess with electricity," warns Joe Rogan. Really? And we shouldn't run with scissors, play in traffic or talk to strangers either, unless a million bucks is involved?

Degrassi: The Next Generation
As awkward as Emma (Miriam McDonald) is, you still gotta love the little tree-hugger. I mean, how many kids have even heard of genetically modified foods? (Forget kids — what about adults? I'm a vegetarian, and I know squat about it.) Bookworm types like Emma are typically one-note character studies in arrogance and preachiness. (See: Zuckerman, Andrea; Beverly Hills, 90210). But not our Em. She's serious enough to protest (despite the threat of being tossed out of school), but cool enough to participate in a huge food fight (despite the threat of being tossed out of school). My kind of girl.

Everybody Loves Raymond Only Marie and Frank could get kicked out of a retirement community for such hilarious reasons. (She was critical of her neighbors' clothing, hair and cooking. He was caught eating an entire bologna in the dining hall's walk-in fridge.) Even funnier: Marie's outraged reaction to her newly decorated old home. ("That's a sex machine!" she gasps, pointing to a piece of exercise equipment. "You two have turned my house into the Playboy Mansion!") Meanwhile, who wouldn't have redecorated that ticky-tacky living room? Marie's lucky her plastic-covered couch ended up in the basement instead of the garbage dump. Despite their initial despair, Robert and Amy are such good sports about letting those two loons move in. 'Cause this living arrangement sure ain't Hef's idea of a good time.

OK, I'm all about the witty banter, the fast-talking and the cultural references. (Proof? Gilmore Girls is one of my favorite shows.) But I just can't get into Everwood. The characters are just waaay too earnest. And does anyone do anything in this town besides analyze their friends? Andy thinks Jake is wrong for Nina. Jake thinks Nina should apologize to Andy. Nina thinks Andy shouldn't be seeing Amanda. Amanda thinks Andy shouldn't be ashamed of their relationship. Hannah thinks Amy should stop obsessing over Madison. Amy thinks Hannah shouldn't be jealous over Bright. Bright thinks Ephram shouldn't feel sorry for himself. And this is just in one episode! I mean, I know it's cold and snowy there and everything, but there must be something better for these people to be doing. Anything. Please?

This whole nuclear-meltdown story has me a little freaked. In fact, there's a good chance I'll be losing some sleep over it. Is it really that easy to gain control over just one power plant? (Tell me it's not. No really, tell me!) Some great acting tonight, especially by Shoreh Aghdashloo. (I predict an Emmy nod. Her role as the strong, protective wife of a monster manages to go beyond Edie Falco's Carmela Soprano. And that's a tall order.) I love the way her Dina turns on a dime. First she lies to Behrooz about knowing he was about to be murdered. Then she's slapping Navi across the face. Not once, but three times! While last week was about the flaws of the fathers, this ep is clearly about the strengths of the mothers. Dina risks her life to save her son and Driscoll actually stays with her sick daughter instead of running off to brief the president. Next week it's the kids' turn. Behrooz, you're up.

Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper Commercial
Just when I thought Diet Doc couldn't top my favorite commercial about the crazy bride! Now everybody sing it! "Mah-na-mah-na... Dee-dee-ba-dee-bee... Mah-na-mah-na... Dee-dee-dee-dee..." I love that song! Yeah, I know it's a kids' tune (and I'm fairly sure I drove my parents nuts singing it when I was a child), but it works perfectly in this spot about the girl on a date. When you're in love with a cute guy (or in this case, a tasty new beverage) you hear all kinds of music. So who's to judge?

Interesting. So Allison can see random dead people but she needs another fortune-teller for the 411 on her own family? I guess you'd call that psychic irony, huh? So far, nothing has gotten by her, so I knew there was no way her husband would cheat on her. Yawn. Far more interesting are the legal ins and outs of this ep. Could Devalos easily get a search warrant based on an anonymous tip? And was it perjury if Allison's so-called tip is really a dream? (Yeah, Devalos is justifiably worried about the "dirty warrant" and evidence being thrown out. But shouldn't he have been far more concerned about his career?) Loved the moment on the stand when she aired the defense lawyer's dirty laundry. Dontcha wish you had her powers, just once?