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Hello Again,

Whew, another busy few days have passed. I had radio interviews all morning Thursday, and I actually woke up at 4:30 a.m. thinking my radio tour started at 5. But it wasn't actually supposed to start until 6, so I could have had an extra hour of sleep. So, I did about 3 hours of radio interviews. I like radio interviews because you can do it from home in your pajamas.

After the radio tour, I had a four-hour meeting at TV Guide Network studios with one of the producers. Chris popped in and out of the meeting because he was taping his show, Hollywood 411. Then, it was off to a meeting for Dancing with the Stars at CBS. We went over all the new judging formats and some of the great changes we have coming up this season. I hear the contestants are working hard, and everyone is still in the competition so that was good news. I also had a chance to see the board of all the performers on our results shows, and I'm excited. We have a lot of great performers lined up, but I can't share that information just yet. Right now, my focus is the "Live at the Emmy Awards with Carrie Ann & Chris."

So for today's blog, here is my list of the top ten shows, miniseries, and television films of 2009. (Unfortunately, not all of them are nominated)

1. Damages

Like I said in my last blog, I am addicted! Who knew that lawyers could be that bad — I mean really that bad! It's amazing that this show can still shock me out of my socks. Great writing — I love the way it's edited and the rich texture of the artistic direction of this show...It's creepy in the way some of the shots move, and it has a strange disjointed tempo that keeps shaking the audience up. I love it. You can't get comfortable watching this show; it's a show that makes you think, jump, and catch your breath and shake your head in disbelief and then run around your living room shouting, "No way, they didn't just do that. No way!" I love it!

2. United States of Tara
I saw my first episode on the airplane coming back from New York for the premiere of Burn The Floor (I'm a producer on this wonderful show), and I got hooked. Tara (the lead character) has multiple personalities and they are great! Sometimes I feel like I have the same people living inside my own head. Toni Colette is a wonderful actress, and this is such a great vehicle for her to show us her incredible range in a comedy setting. It's about a dysfunctional family that actually seems quite well-adjusted. I also find that her husband is a great character. I'm sure most women wish their husbands would accept them as much as he does his wife — and her alters.

3. Law and Order: SVU
I have been a long-time fan of this show. My mom was in the hospital out here in L.A. for a burst appendix, and she stayed with me during the healing process. While she was knitting and taking time to heal, we would spend our quality time in front of the TV watching SVU marathons. It was a bonding experience, and once the opening music comes on, you can't walk away, you're already hooked. There is something about crime shows that I love.

4. In Treatment
I love the intensity of this series. Gabriel Byrne makes quite the interesting therapist: He's  complicated, mysterious, unexpectedly kind, but he also remains distant. The acting on this show is wonderful. The guest stars carry such powerful stories, and it seems like if I were an actress, I'd love to do an episode of this show as a guest star.

5. Flight of the Conchords
Brett and Jemaine are so funny and charming in a strange way. This show is so original in its format, and I love when shows bring new ideas to the table. I love when their agent takes roll call. It's hysterical, plus who doesn't love that New Zealand accent? Their accents remind me of a film I hold dear to my heart, Whale Rider.

6. The Big Bang Theory
This show is very light-hearted and fun. I am very into nerdy guys, so I think this show is endearing. I was an honors math student in high school, so I was always hanging out with the "nerdy" folks. Love a man with a mind! Jim Parsons is nominated. Chris better let me interview him. I hope I don't get too nervous to speak. ;)

7. The Closer
I secretly want to be Kyra Sedgwick's character in The Closer. She is so smart and strong as she solves all those crimes, but she is also always so put-together and feminine. You don't want to mess with her —  she knows what she's doing, and she gets things done without losing her femininity.

8. Prayers for Bobby
This was such a compelling story with a clear message about a young boy who feels secluded from his family because he is gay. Sigourney Weaver gives a frighteningly powerful performance in this made-for-television movie, and it really touched me. I watched it with my "family" (my boyfriend and his daughter), and we had a long discussion about it after it was finished. It was very sad, but I hope it opened people's eyes up to the importance of love, acceptance and forgiveness.

9. Taking Chance
HBO makes amazing films. If you haven't seen this one, you should. It is about a lieutenant who has to escort the body of a fallen victim of the Iraq war. It was an emotional journey that sadly many Americans can relate to. Kevin Bacon stars and does a great job creating very moving moments. It reminds all of us that there are men out there fighting for our country —  even though we don't see it in our daily lives. This film makes you appreciate everything you have, and everything they are fighting for. God bless them...

And of course:

10. Dancing with the Stars
When Dancing with the Stars first came out, I had a good feeling that it would be a hit. The concept is simple and entertaining. In times like these, I think a lot of us want to come home, put our feet up and just be entertained. Dancing with the Stars is perfect for that. I am also hoping Tom Bergeron wins for outstanding host of a reality show. Go Tom!

Well, the Emmys almost here. I'm a bit nervous, but I've done the homework. We both have, and so has the incredible TV Guide Network team. We are ready for the madness. We have our game plan but it's live, so that means once the red carpet opens, we are off and running. And the plan? Well, the plan goes out the window, and we are left with ourselves and the moments as they happen. There's no telling what's going to happen. Since I have the Fashion Wrap the following day at 7/6c right before the premiere of Dancing on ABC, I will be focusing on the fashion and I'm on a mission! It's going to be a great night. I wish all the Emmy nominees good luck, including Dancing with the Stars,  which was nominated for 10 this year, the most for a reality show.  Congratulations to all the winners who have been announced already, and good luck to the presenters as well.

Don't forget to tweet your questions to @carrieanninaba. Wish us luck, and I hope you enjoy the show!

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