Friday Night Lights, Connie Britton Friday Night Lights, Connie Britton

Just two episodes away from shooting Friday Night Light's fifth and final season finale, best actress in a drama nominee Connie Britton is thrilled to be feeling Emmy love for the first time. "Can you believe it?" Britton, who received a morning call from her cousin, tells TV Guide Magazine. "I'm totally in shock. It's so crazy and wonderful that both [TV husband] Kyle [Chandler] and I got acknowledged, but I'm totally looking at it as the show getting acknowledged. Maybe it just took this long for the show to get on people's radar.  Certainly, more and more these days, I'm hearing from people who say they just started watching Season 1 on DVD."

Britton says she managed to squeeze in a congratulatory call to Chandler, even though he'd been up all night shooting a scene. "Poor Kyle was up until 4:30 playing football and literally had no voice. I was like, 'What is wrong with you?' We were both just so shocked and surprised and told each other, 'We couldn't have done this without you.' But we didn't want to get too goofy about it."

Still, Britton has been feeling increasingly emotional as cast alums return to Texas to say goodbye to their characters. "Everyday it just steamrolls. I'm getting more melancholy as I feel the end approaching. I've been feeling the old cohesiveness as people having been coming back together. Adrianne [Palicki, Tyra] and I were just at dinner last night, which was really fun."

In the final season, Britton's Principal Tami Taylor transfers to Coach Taylor's East Dillon High School where she'll be "dealing with some new students who have issues of a magnitude she's never dealt with before. She and Coach are also doing a lot of soul searching about what they want their lives to be now that Julie has gone off to college."

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