Congratulations, Daniel and Vala! Your little jaunt exposed Earth to the Ori, a collective of pompous aliens whose idea of free will is to give less-evolved beings a choice between worshipping them and a miserable death. Their minions make the Christian Coalition look positively Christian. The Ori think the Ancients deliberately shielded humanoids across the universe from the Truth, so now their missionaries the Priors have to make us on Earth see the light (or the dark, as the case may be). In the words of the Grand Poo-bah of the Priors: "Those who reject the path to enlightenment must be destroyed." This is why I never liked evangelists (though, to be fair, their fire-and-brimstone shtick is fun in a professional-wrestling kind of way). To his credit, Daniel did his best to put the Poo-bah in his place with some choice words about the incongruity of murder and enlightenment, but he still ended up on the wrong end of a burning stake. Vala also made a return burn despite her hilarious pleas to the Ori faithful ("Im a believer; Ive seen the light!"). Of course, both were saved in the nick by Cameron and Tealc. Back on terra firma, Landry met with Tealcs grimacing political rival, Gerak played by Mr. Dont-You Eyeball-Me-Boy himself, Louis Gossett Jr. Given that furry armadillo shell he was schlepping around in, Im not surprised Gerak was so grouchy; he was probably melting. Also, the Grand Duke of Grouchy, Richard Dean Anderson's Jack ONeill, showed up at the end to check in with Daniel, who confided that he was rattled not to have his old leader around to combat this new menace. But ONeill chose his SG-1 replacement wisely; nothing said "pass the torch" like his flight with Mitchell in the super-duper jet at the fade. "Mind if I kick on the afterburners?" he asks Jack. Hold on, folks. Its going to be a wild ride.