Condoleezza Rice Condoleezza Rice

Condoleezza Rice is headed to 30 Rock.

The former Secretary of State will guest-star on the NBC sitcom as Jack's ex-girlfriend, Tina Fey said on NPR's Leonard Lopate Show Thursday.

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"We have another few amazing cameos," Fey said. "One, I'm going to make an executive decision that I'm allowed to talk about this — we have Condoleezza Rice coming up in a couple weeks on the show."Diehard 30 Rock

-ers will recall that Jack (Alec Baldwin) hinted at a romance with Rice way back in Season 1 when he claimed he was dating a "high-ranking African-American member of the Bush Administration." He became upset after seeing Vladimir Putin touch her back and then broke up with his "neocon inamorata" because they weren't compatible.

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As for Baldwin's own statements about possibly seeking political office, Fey said she hopes her leading man doesn't quit acting."I would lobby Capitol Hill for a law to require Alec Baldwin to stay in show business," she said.