Question: I have two commercial-related questions. First, there is a MasterCard commercial I saw recently, with adults in a rather unique candy store. The song playing is the Willy Wonka tune "Pure Imagination," but it's performed by a modern group. Could you please tell me what group performs this version? The other question is about the ads for Dove cookies and ice cream. I say that the actress in the ads is Minnie Driver, but my wife thinks it is just someone who looks a lot like her. Could you please settle this? Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Answer: Hey, as James Taylor once sang in an oh-so-mellow fashion, that's why I'm here, Patrick.

Don't know if you'll be happy with what I have to tell you, however. First off, the MasterCard ad you're referring to, "Candy Store," featured a version of the Wonka song specially commissioned for the commercial, which wasn't done by any group in particular. I'm also sorry to tell you it's not available for purchase anywhere. You may take some comfort, though, in playing the ad to your heart's content on the MasterCard site, at least until they take it down.

As for the Dove ad, your wife wins this one. That is not Ms. Driver, but you may take some comfort, though, in knowing that, um... in 1997, when she was nominated for best supporting actress for Good Will Hunting, Helena Bonham Carter was nominated for best actress for Wings of the Dove.