Commander in Chief
So long,

Rod Lurie, hello,

Steven Bochco. Ahh, can't you just smell the parallelism? A shake-up behind the scenes; everyone jockeying for position; the press not really sure what to make of it I do so enjoy it when life imitates art. After some soul-searching during an early-morning row on the Potomac, LadyPrez officially puts Rod in charge of strategic planning. Which is clearly gonna lead to some tension with Alpha Dog Jim: "I learned a long time ago, never cross anyone who sleeps with the boss." And that, First Hubby, is where we like to say ohhhh snap.

Uh-oh, Templeton's on tape pulling a Jesse Helms back in the '60s. Luckily for him, Mac's too noble to go public with it. You know, I think this is just a part of the modern political landscape it's merely a matter of whether the unearthed footage of you is offensive, criminal or just plain embarrassing. If I, for instance, were ever to run for public office, I have a funny feeling that a certain videotape of me tipsy at a New Year's party elucidating the hows and whys of the Buffy-Angel-Spike love triangle would surface and single-handedly eliminate me from the race. Go ahead and toss your campaign buttons in the recycle bin, folks, and thanks for your support.

Did I mention that clandestine, info-seeking nookie with the enemy doesn't pay? So long, Templeton's chief of staff. Whereas a little honesty about your HIV status gets you your own warm fuzzy press conference from the presidential podium. We learned a lot of lessons this week, didn't we? Oh, and bonus points if you noticed that Edgar "Allen" Poe was misspelled on the chalkboard in Horace's classroom no wonder the kid's failing English. Chana Shwadlenak

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