The 75th Annual Academy Awards went on as scheduled Sunday night, and war politics and jazz were in the air. As expected, Chicago danced off with a field-best six trophies, including best picture and best supporting actress for Catherine Zeta-Jones. In two major upsets, Roman Polanski scored best director kudos for The Pianist and the film's star, Adrien Brody, walked off with best actor honors. Elsewhere, a tearful Nicole Kidman (love her) won best actress for The Hours and Chris Cooper won supporting actor honors for Adaptation. Several celebs used their time at the dais to speak out against the war, most notably filmmaker Michael Moore, whose over-the-top anti-Bush tirade drew mostly boos from the audience. (Someone needs to simmer down now!) Oh yeah, and Eminem won for best original song. So from now on, it's "Oscar winner Slim Shady" to you. For a complete list of winners, click here.