Lenny Clarke, who portrays The Job copper Frank Harrigan, is fed up with TV's current reality craze. "

Survivor — I'd like to see wild animals in the Outback eat every one of them," he quips.

Clarke got used to trading zingers with The Job's co-creator and star, Denis Leary, during their days as stand-up comics in Boston. When it came time to cast Frank — a surly cop with a heart as golden as his detective shield — Leary immediately thought of Clarke, his pal of nearly 20 years. But is Leary anything like Mike McNeil, the boozing, pill-popping womanizer he portrays?

"Dennis is known for being a rough, chain smoking wise-guy," Clark tells TV Guide Online. "But I have to tell you that you couldn't ask for a better friend. And one of the reasons he chose TV is that he could be close to his family. He adores his wife and kids."

Speaking of motivations, Clarke seems to understand his character's very well. "Frank," he laughs, "is the oldest detective in the squad. He just wants to retire with 80 percent of his pension and get a part-time job as a security guard in a strip club — he's not greedy."

And should The Job become a long-running gig for Clarke, he plans to treat himself. "I'm going to get a motorcycle," he grins. "I've never ridden before. Maybe it's a mid-life crisis thing. But Bill Clinton [has left] Martha's Vineyard, where I live, so I'm going to ride around every part of it."