Ryan Murphy by Jean Baptiste Lacroix/ WireImage.com Ryan Murphy by Jean Baptiste Lacroix/ WireImage.com

If all goes well in the world of television creation, Fox may have a potential companion show for American Idol come this March. According to Variety, Fox has greenlit the pilot for Glee, a new series from Nip/Tuck creator Ryan Murphy. The one-hour comedy, which takes place in the Midwest, centers on the world of high school glee clubs and - in the same vein as Idol - will feature at least four well-known, popular songs per episode. "No original music is being written," says Murphy. "It's like American Idol, a form of karaoke. People like to see people singing songs they know."

The show may not be as dark as some of the storylines that docs McNamara and Troy endure, but at the same rate, don't expect Hannah Montana either. Murphy assures viewers "it's not a kid show" and will have a "Fox edge" about it that will appeal to both adults and children alike. - Gina DiNunno