Comedy Central has announced its upcoming development slate, and it's nothing short of diverse, ambitious and (I hope) hilarious. According to Variety, some of the star-driven pilots include potential series from Snoop Dogg, Andy Richter and David Alan Grier (!), in genres that range from animation to sketch comedy to scripted narratives to flat-out parodies.

Snoop, who's apparently on a quest to become the most ubiquitous music artist across the networks, is the subject of an animated pilot that follows his life from his days as little G in the LBC. Grier's pilot will feature the comedian in a magazine show parody, David Alan Grier's Chocolate News, while Richter's potential show stars him in a sketch comedy series.

The rest of the development roster is chock-full of potentially massive laugh-a-thons. Some of the most intriguing picks include, however, Gay Robot (which sounds kind of a like an animated Quarterlife with technological and social issues at the forefront), Search and Destroy, in which un-PC radio duo Opie and Anthony send comedians on scavenger hunts in NYC, and Speed Freaks, a scripted narrative in which two buddies go on the run after they blow up their meth lab - yes, it's a comedy.

In addition to these (and more), the laugh factory of a network also has a number of scripts and specials in development... and it's not even 2009 yet. - Anna Dimond