<EM>Columbo</EM> Columbo

Will there be "just one more thing" for Peter Falk's diligent detective, who last collared a killer in the 2003 TV-movie Columbo Likes the Nightlife? It depends if Falk and ABC can get beyond their current impasse. "There's a bit of a problem," the actor tells TVGuide.com. "The script that I like, the network doesn't like. The script that they like, I don't like." But what's not to like about Falk's preferred follow-up? "That is a good question. A good question," he says, nodding. ABC wants Columbo's next case to center around the world of lingerie models, "so you can see why they would prefer that one," says Falk, who will next be seen playing pop to Paul Reiser in The Thing About My Folks, in theaters Sept. 16.