Lately, Minority Report's Colin Farrell has gotten almost as much attention as his on-screen nemesis, Tom Cruise. Too bad the media seems more interested in his hard-drinking, potty-mouthed rep than his acting finesse. (His June Vanity Fair cover story feasts on the filth!) So does the Dublin-born hottie worry that people are getting the wrong idea?

"I curse a lot and I drink a lot when I'm at home," he proudly tells TV Guide Online. "It's not an image that I'm trying to portray. That's me... Some people say I should watch my mouth, and I say 'Why? It's the way I speak.'"

On the MR set, director Steven Spielberg was less concerned with Farrell's foul tongue than his lilting Irish accent. "Steven was nervous that sometimes I might sound Irish in the film," admits the 25-year-old actor, who plays a U.S. Justice Dept. official.

Of course, he has managed an American accent in his most recent big-screen outings — Tigerland, Hart's War and American Outlaw — but Spielberg gave his character an Irish backstory just to be safe. Reveals Farrell: "He changed the line 'My father died on the steps of a church in Bethesda' and made it 'My father died on the steps of a church in Dublin.'"

After three years of suppressing his native brogue, Farrell relishes the chance to exaggerate it as comic-book villain Bullseye in next year's Daredevil — co-starring Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner (Alias). Suddenly sounding every inch the serious actor, he points out: "I'm much more worried about what's going on in me eyes than the sound of what's coming out of me mouth."