Kyra Sedgwick by Richard Cartwright/TNT Kyra Sedgwick by Richard Cartwright/TNT

I just have one question for you Closer fans out there: How is Brenda Leigh going to get through her job without sugar! I know she's handling it, sort of, by laying off the chocolate, but how strong is her will power? OK, if it were me, I would pick Fritz and the possibility of motherhood over HoHos and Ding Dongs, but that's me. Brenda - well - could sugar win out?

Let's rewind for a second: Last season's theme was all about "family", and Brenda sure had a lot of family time last year. Her parents were in several episodes, including during Brenda's health scare - which was nothing more than too much insulin in her body due to her insanely high sugar intake. It was causing early onset menopause, but luckily the condition is reversible and she will be able to have kids - that is - if she really even wants them (*gulp*).

In the middle of all this medical drama, Fritz proposed to Brenda and after much angst, she accepted. While trying to move forward with their lives by selling the bungalow to expand to a bigger place, Brenda happily avoided that change by plunging head-first into a violent bank robbery case that lead them to Atlanta (Brenda's home turf!).

This season, The Closer is starting off with a "Controlled Burn," which tells its murder case within the backdrop of last year's intense wildfires in the Griffith Park area of Los Angeles. It's a stunning metaphor for this season's theme: Power. Brenda Leigh will be dealing with issues of her own power within the force, the power of her suspects over her (including the return of creepy arsonist Billy Croelick), feeling like she's lost power when a reporter is given permission to tag along during her investigations as well as how her job holds so much power over her personal life with "Fritzi."

Kyra Sedgwick told that since Brenda is the character she's played the longest, she's had the luxury to really immerse herself in Brenda's world. "I feel like I've literally given away parts of my heart and soul to her," she says. "I make deep sacrifices to play her," and adds that Brenda's "dear to me and I adore her and she does take over when I'm at work." I think all of us Closer fans, if we could, we'd say "Thank you. Thank you so much," for giving the world another season of Brenda Leigh and Co.

Are you excited for a new season of The Closer? - Erin Fox

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