George Clooney, who has attained most of the symbolic awards available in Hollywood, has just gotten one more - but it's not from the movie industry. reports that today the United Nations appointed him the organization's messenger of peace. Clooney, who, in addition to being known, variably, as the World's Sexiest Man Alive to one of the best actors alive, was recognized for his work as an advocate for refugees in Darfur. In December, Clooney and

Don Cheadle also received the Peace Summit Award from Nobel Laureates. The two actors, along with Brad Pitt, have helped raise money and awareness of the situation in Darfur with their charity, Not On Our Watch. In receiving the U.N. honor, Clooney has proven that it is possible to be the Sexiest Man Alive and at the same time, the most humanitarian one, too. - Anna Dimond