Miley Cyrus by Jeffrey Mayer/ Miley Cyrus by Jeffrey Mayer/

More of Miley Cyrus is revealed every few weeks, it seems, thanks to a security breach of her private photos, a savvy PR campaign, or just questionable judgment.

The latest skin-baring pics to hit the 'net - which, should be noted, are NSFW and only allegedly of Miley - include a shower photo of a young brunette in a wet, white T-shirt, as well as another in which she's pulling up her shirt to reveal her stomach.

Some say that the pics are from the archives of Miley and Nick Jonas' relationship, but there's been no confirmation of the source. (Cyrus' publicist has yet to respond to's request for comment.) So why are these supposedly "leaked" photos appearing with increasingly regularity? You tell us. - Anna Dimond

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