Clay Aiken by Steve Granitz/ Clay Aiken by Steve Granitz/
Clay Aiken has been asked repeatedly about his sexual oriention since he rose to fame on American Idol in 2003. See how his answers have evolved: "One thing I've found of people in the public eye, either you're a womanizer or you've got to be gay. ... Since I'm neither of those, people are completely concerned about me." - to

Rolling Stone in July 2003 "I don't understand why you want to know. I don't understand why it's any of your business. At some point, [the question] becomes just really rude, you know?" - on Good Morning America in September 2006 "What do you say (to that question)? ... It's like when I was 8. I remember something would get broken in the house, and Mom and Dad would call me in and say, 'Did you do this?' Well, it didn't matter what I said. The only thing they would believe was yes. ... People are going to believe what they want." - to People in September 2006 "I just don't have an interest in ... any of that at all. I have got too much on my plate. ... I'd rather focus on one thing and do that when I can devote time to it, and right now, I just don't have any desire." - telling New York Magazine in January that he has never been in a romantic relationship "People don't want to have that type of stuff pushed, people who are living in Omaha or in Charlotte or wherever. ... They don't want stuff like that pushed in their face." - to Access Hollywood in April "It was the first decision I made as a father. ... I cannot raise a child to lie or to hide things. I wasn't raised that way, and I'm not going to raise a child to do that." - explaining his decision to come out in the latest issue of People Related: " Aiken Describes Coming Out to Family " Former Idol Aiken: "Yes, I'm Gay" " See Aiken up close and personal at our Online Video Guide.