The previously tardy Michael Jackson arrived 40 minutes early at a California courtroom Friday to be formally indicted on child-molestation charges. The former King of Pop pleaded innocent to 10 felony counts: That's four counts of lewd acts on a minor child, one count of an attempted lewd act on a child and four counts of giving an intoxicant to a child. There was also one conspiracy count involving allegations of child abduction, false imprisonment and extortion. Flanked by his parents and defense lawyer Thomas Mesereau Jr., Jacko looked almost normal in glasses and a sport coat and tie. Outside the courthouse, he addressed a crowd of 1500 supporters, saying: "I would like to thank the fans around the world for your love and your support on every corner of the Earth." Jackson also gushingly thanked his parents, brother Randy and "the community of Santa Maria," where he lives and — it should be noted — his pool of jurors will be drawn from. This time, instead of dancing atop an SUV like a nut, he demurely waved and flashed the peace sign at fans as the Jackson caravan quietly shuttled his posse away.