Last week, Pawn Stars favorite Chumlee was arrested on a felony weapons charge, as well as multiple drug offenses after police initially came to investigate an alleged sexual assault. However, while that's what the reality star was arrested for (and has since been released on $62,000 bail), the arrest report obtained by Las Vegas' local ABC affiliate KTNV reveals the situation is more complicated than originally reported.

On the night of March 9th, police founds enough drugs in the Chumlee's Las Vegas home to lead them to believe he may, in fact, have been dealing. Some of the items included marijuana, methamphetamine, drug pipes, ammunition, and 12 guns (only 4 of which were actually registered to the man).

Pawn Stars' Chumlee arrested on drug and gun charges.

Chumlee has always been the aloof one of the Pawn Stars bunch, but it seems there may have been more to the man than met the eye. We all assumed he smoked a little from time to time, but drug dealer? Perhaps pawning doesn't pay as much as suspected.

WATCH: Chumlee of Pawn Stars Arrested On Drug, Weapon Charges