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Chuck's second-season finale is quickly approaching, and with no word on a third season pickup, this could be the last hour of the series. Joshua Gomez, who plays Chuck's BFF, Morgan, spoke with about the "epic" finale, including how Morgan feels about leaving the Buy More, what he really thinks about his bromance with Chuck, and when (if ever) Morgan will find out about Chuck's secret life. Chuck's season finale airs Monday at 8 pm/ET on NBC. Are you excited to see the finale?
Joshua Gomez: I'm really curious to see what the fans think of it. I know everybody kind of felt that this past episode was sort of a finale-esque episode. There was a lot of stuff that went down.
Gomez: I know, it was like, "Wait, another hour? What else can happen?" So, did Morgan really quit the Buy More? Or do you think he'll chicken out?
Gomez: Well, you saw him [quit] in all his chest-hairian glory! [Laughs] Yeah, he quit and I think it remains to be seen what's going to happen there. But, it's pretty cool. And, again, for a lot of people I think it was like, "Holy crap! Wait a minute. Morgan's no longer at the Buy More, Chuck's no longer got The Intersect. What the heck is going on here?" How could the Buy More possibly work without Morgan?
Gomez: It'll probably work better. No, I think there were a lot of changes going on with Chuck. And, I think the writers always do a good job of always sort of somehow paralleling Chuck and Morgan. You know what I mean? They're always in sort of similar boats, just on completely different levels. Now it's like, "What the hell do I do without The Intersect, and what the heck will I do without the Buy More." They're both kind of like, "Now what?" Was Morgan really serious about moving to Hawaii with Anna Wu — to become a Benihana chef? Will he be perfecting the art of flaming volcanoes made with onion rings?
Gomez: Of course that's the dream: to be a Benihana chef. Unbelievable! I love Morgan, but sometimes I'm like, "Really, dude? A Benihana chef? Really?" From the previews, we can see that a lot of crazy stuff goes down at Ellie's wedding. So, will Morgan finally find out about Chuck's secret life?
Gomez: Um, I won't say either way, but I think definitely the finale's going to be — and rightly so — focused on the climax of this season with Chuck and his father and The Intersect. All of that stuff will really come to a head. It's a big episode, so some of the Morgan stuff... he's around and doing his thing, but I think because they're away from the Buy More now, it sort of solely focuses on Chuck, his life, the wedding and what's happening right now. ... Season 3, we'll see what happens [with Morgan], but it'll make sense when you see the finale. If you do get a third season pickup, what would you like to see happen with Morgan moving forward?
Gomez: I would love for Morgan to become closer again with Chuck ... Season 2 was kind of rough! There was not a lot of interaction and there was definitely a strain on their friendship and bromance, but I've always said that Morgan would be the perfect Alfred to his Batman. Not necessarily go on missions or do anything like that, but be his buddy. And when he comes home to go, "Holy crap, that was a tough day," and you know, bring him a cup of tea or something. What is your favorite part about the Chuck-Morgan bromance?
Gomez: I think everybody has a friendship like that. No matter if sometimes you're like, "Dude, you're driving me up the wall," or whatever it might be — that person is family. And that's what I love more than anything; that their friendship is family. He is a part of his family and that they would do pretty much anything for each other.