If you've seen The Gap's recent TV ad starring Christina Ricci and Dennis Hopper playing chess — and wondered if there's a li'l somethin'-somethin' goin' on between the khaki-clad duo — you're not the only one. However, the Sleepy Hollow star insists her commercial — directed by the Coen brothers of Fargo fame — is quite innocent.

"People try to read a little too much into things sometimes," Ricci tells TV Guide Online. "People assume it's sexual. [They say,] 'Yeah, it's an older man and his mistress.' I'm like, 'Eww... No.'"

As the 22-year-old explains it: "[The ad] is called 'Two White Shirts' and it's supposed to be two friends playing chess — the whole idea of it being, 'How cool that someone like Dennis Hopper could be friends with a young girl.' That's what was kind of cool about it, and people manage to twist that.

"And, I checkmate him," she reminds us with a smirk, "which is the whole thing. I beat him at chess."

This small-screen foray isn't Ricci's first. The actress also appeared in the final episodes of the now-defunct Ally McBeal as Richard Fish's bitchy bride, Liza. But don't expect to see the star and producer of Pumpkin — in theaters Friday — commit herself to TV series anytime soon.

"I did the TV thing because I thought it was a good opportunity to find out about it," she says. "And I think that I would do TV again in the future, but maybe when I'm older. The hours are insane and they never stop. In a way, that's great, but I want to be ready for that really extreme stability."