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Is Greens the killer? The murder of David Hayward on ABC's All My Children takes a trippy turn next week when his wife Greenlee — played by Rebecca Budig — admits she forged several letters to make it appear that the evil doc committed suicide. But is the guy really dead? A rep for Vincent Irizarry, who played David, recently posted a statement on the actor's official Facebook page saying Irizarry was "still in negotiations" with the show — suggesting this might be yet another phony "death" in Pine Valley. Irizarry then issued a follow-up statement claiming this announcement was "unauthorized and premature" but never said it was untrue. What ev. TV Guide Magazine spoke to Budig in the midst of the Irizarry hoo-hah and got her take on the whodunit. Guess which soap she hopes to land on if Greens gets the electric chair!

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TV Guide Magazine: So Greenlee becomes the prime suspect? That's a good sign. Prime suspects are never guilty on soaps.
Budig: She kinda did it to herself. She writes the [suicide] letters and forges David's signature, but that's not all that's pointing to her guilt. Greenlee thinks Ryan [Cameron Mathison] did it because she found a vial of the poison that killed David in Ryan's jacket, but instead of destroying it she leaves it in her glove compartment. How dumb is that? So she gets caught and now people think she killed David. I'm guessing it was Ryan who did it and I bet he gets away with murder.

TV Guide Magazine: You're certain Greenlee is innocent? After all, Ryan's not sure if he's guilty.
Budig: I don't absolutely know for sure. I really don't think she did it. Then again, I could read the next script and it'll say she's guilty. Right now she thinks Ryan did it and she's protecting him because she cares about him and doesn't want him to go to jail. That's why she forged the letters. She thinks that if people believe David committed suicide then everyone will be better off for it. There aren't a lot of David fans in town, and even the people who did care about him will have some peace. I think that's her intention anyway. I'm anxious to see how they work it out. I'm glad they're not forgetting about the relationship Greenlee had with David, that she's not just pooh-poohing his memories, because I think she did love him. We start shooting the trial pretty soon and I've been nervous about that. Are they really going to kill Greenlee now? Are they going to send her away?

TV Guide Magazine: Yeah, right. Fire Rebecca Budig? You're the "Real Greenlee" ain'tcha?
Budig: But this is a crazy business! You never know what'll happen. Everybody's worried about money. We're down to six soaps now. It's sad.

TV Guide Magazine: Well, if you lose your gig you can always go over to Y&R like everybody else.
Budig: You think so?

TV Guide Magazine: Hell, half the AMC cast is over there.
Budig: I don't know if they'd have me. I think I'd try to get on General Hospital before I'd go to Y&R. [Laughs] I might go picket outside the GH studio until they cast me. I want to be one of Sonny's chicks!

TV Guide Magazine: Does Greenlee do some slammer time?
Budig: She does, until someone posts bail. I'm not wearing the prison costume yet — nobody looks good in prison orange except Susan Lucci — but I do go to jail. I think they still suspect Ryan a little bit but they're not as hot on him as they are on me.

TV Guide Magazine: Who's in jail with her? The usual prostitutes and evil lesbians?
Budig: [Laughs] I wish!  No, she's alone. But Kendall [Alicia Minshew] gets in trouble for helping Greenlee and she has to do community service at the prison so there she is with her mop while I'm behind bars. Alicia and I were laughing so hard when we were doing those scenes that I started crying. I'm so glad she's back on the show.

TV Guide Magazine: What do you make of this Irizarry drama?
Budig: I don't know! He was very mum about everything on the set. I didn't even know he was leaving until I read it in a script and I'm like, "Vincent...?" And he said, "Yeah, babe, I'm gone." And that's all he'd say. I was really taken by surprise and I'm sure everyone else at the show was, too. I'm amazed it stayed a secret as long as it did.

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