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Rob Corddry has a bone to pick with President Barack Obama.

After shooting the upcoming third season of Childrens Hospital back in December, the series star, creator and executive producer had to remove a joke delivered by guest star Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation) about his having killed Osama bin Laden because, well, it actually happened.

"That ruins the joke completely. Obama killed our joke. Obama killed the No. 1 wanted man in the world, as well as one of our biggest jokes of the season. He couldn't wait until July," Corddry tells "I was annoyed. ... I find myself wishing bin Laden had lived for another month."

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Lucky for Corddry, the murder of a wanted terrorist is his biggest problem on Childrens Hospital, the Web series-turned-Adult Swim hit he created. The first season, made up of just ten 5-minute episodes, caught the attention of both Comedy Central and Adult Swim, thanks in no small part to its notable cast (Emmy-winner Megan Mullally, Daily Show vet Corddry). For Season 2, Childrens Hospital moved to Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block, grew to 12 11-minute episodes and also added TV vet Henry Winkler.

Going into its third season (premiering Thursday at midnight), Childrens Hospital is expanding again, this time to 14 episodes. Aside from getting better cameras, Corddry says little has changed since the show first debuted in 2009.

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"Really, it's just writing twice as much material," he says. "We do the same jokes. We can't say the word 'c---,' but we didn't say that the first season anyway."

Season 3, Corddry jokes, will explore "a lot of very delicate gender and racial issues" and will feature a lot of partial nudity of the side-boob and butt crack variety. But seriously, after two seasons of poking fun at everything from cheesy voice-overs to live episodes, expect lots more TV satire from the show-within-a-show.

One of Corddry's favorite upcoming episodes will be a flashback to a 1976 episode of Childrens Hospital that has only aired once due to "objectionable" content. "If you were watching TV in the '70s and the '80s, there are a lot of Easter eggs there," he says. "But also, it stands alone as a funny episode. Being an absurd comedy, we can get away with making references that are also just funny in an absurd way."

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As in years past, A-listers like Jon Hamm and Eva Longoria are willing to get in on the joke too. The third season boats an impressive roster of guest stars including Hamm (back as Valerie Flame's alter-ego, Derek Childrens), Lisa Edelstein, Sarah Silverman and Friday Night Lights alum Jesse Plemons, among others.

The secret to nabbing such talent? "You can't be too afraid to ask," Corddry says. However, he admits one of the biggest difficulties is coordinating schedules for the episodes, which shoot every two days.

"We've been trying to get Martin Starr on the show for years and schedules haven't worked out. My brother, Nate, has been the hardest person to schedule of all. We only had him for one day three years ago," Corddry says. "It's really tough, but we just kind of cross our fingers."

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