If having Will (Nick Gehlfuss) whisked away into Witness Protection on his wedding day wasn't traumatizing enough, Chicago Med threw yet another curveball at Manstead in one upsetting winter premiere. With Will's days as an FBI informant finally behind him, it looked like the troubled doctor would finally get some reprieve. Boy, were we wrong.

Wednesday's tense hour delivered an emotional reunion when Will finally came face-to-face with Natalie (Torrey DeVitto) in the ED after their forced separation. Being isolated from his family and friends took its toll and he faces a rough journey ahead while adjusting back into regular life. Still, it seemed like things were on the up and up with Natalie even suggesting they decide on a new wedding date. But that positive momentum came to a screeching halt when Natalie discovered that Will purchased a new handgun.

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"After everything that happened, I thought we should have some protection," he explained.

After having a gun pulled on him in the midseason finale, it's understandable that Will would still fear for his life and want to take the necessary precautions. Given Will's previous anti-firearm stance before the incident with Ray, however, this is pretty extreme for him. Refusing to live in a house with a gun, especially since it would endanger her young son, Natalie quickly shut down Will's uncharacteristic plan of protection.

"I am sorry, but you cannot stay here with that gun. I won't have it in this house," she firmly told him before storming off.

Rather than getting rid of the firearm, Will silently packed his bags which suggests that Manstead might be done for now. They've come too far just to fall apart now so we've got our fingers crossed that they'll make things right. This cannot be the end for them.

Things are bound to get even more complicated in the coming episodes as Natalie bonds with Phillip Davis (Pretty Little Liars' Ian Harding), a recently widowed father whose newborn child is staying in the NICU. Their shared experience of being forced to raise an infant alone will undoubtedly bring the two closer together, and that means bad news for Will and Nat.

See how things turn out for Manstead as Chicago Med continues Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

Nick Gehlfuss, <em>Chicago Med</em>Nick Gehlfuss, Chicago Med