Congratulations are in order!

First, to Melissa George, the star of the upcoming NBC series Heartbreaker. She recently announced she is pregnant with her second child. To give her more time to recover from that whole bringing-a-new-human-into-the-world thing, NBC has pushed the show back from a fall premiere to mid-season.

Which brings us to congratulations number two: To Chicago Med, which is getting moved up to take over Heartbreaker's fall slot. Now, the Chicago Fire spin-off will get the primo lead-in from The Voice, and will be paired with its partner show for a full hour of Midwestern city drama.

All the new shows coming in 2015-2016

A quick refresher on what these shows are: On Heartbreaker, Melissa George will star as a transplant surgeon who also has an active personal life (like every doctor on television and no doctor in real life). Chicago Med is yet another hospital drama, which will doubtless feature multiple crossover plots with sister shows Chicago Fire (which premiered in 2012) and Chicago P.D. (which premiered in 2014).

Now that the upfronts are over, we're well into shuffling season, where the Big 5 networks ultimately decide which new shows get the can't-miss-it spots and which ones get sidelined to early evenings on unpopular weeknights. The Voice gets a lot of live viewers, so the time slot immediately following it is priceless TV real estate.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, production on both Heartbreaker and Chicago Med will begin this summer.

Are you excited Chicago Med is coming sooner, or were you looking forward to Heartbreaker?