Molly Glynn Molly Glynn

Chicago Fire actress Molly Glynn has died after a tragic accident, Us Weekly reports.  

Glynn, 46, was hit by a falling tree on Friday while on a bike ride with her husband Joe Foust. The couple were caught in a storm and Glynn was struck by an uprooted tree as she tried to take cover. The actress, who was wearing a helmet at the time, died a day later from her injuries.

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Early Saturday morning, Foust posted the news on his Facebook page, saying, "I couldn't save her. I couldn't save her. She's gone." He later added, "I want to respond to every individual who has helped out in this terrible time, but not sure when I can. Molly would be so grateful to all of you. I couldn't still be here without that support network. I would have laid down next to her and died. I will continue to struggle to find love and joy and goodness. If I was gone, I would have wished she could find those things again, too. I will continue to try to find a new way to live. I just can picture it yet."

Glynn, who played an ER doctor on the NBC drama, also appeared on Boss and Early Edition