Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer) has had his ups and downs on Chicago Fire but no matter how bad things got, he always tried to do the right thing. Whether it's finally seeing eye-to-eye with Dawson about adopting Louie or offering up a room to his BFF Kelly Severide, he always manages to come through for those around him.

In recent years, he has emerged as a leader of the firehouse after sticking up for others and constantly making the right calls on the job. He's even earned a promotion to captain for his efforts. In honor of his big step forward, we're celebrating the moments that made us love him even more.

When he stood up for Otis after Chief Pridgen mocked him

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One of Casey's honorable traits is his penchant for sticking up for those he cares about. When interim Chief Pridgen (Matthew Del Negro) cruelly teases Otis (Yuriy Sardarov) in Season 3's "Headlong Toward Disaster," Casey steps in to defend him, telling his superior to back off. A man who always fights for what's right is okay in our book.

Running into a collapsing parking garage to find Dawson

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Casey has proven time and time again that he'll do anything for love including rush into a collapsing parking structure to save his wife. Thankfully, he and Dawson (Monica Raymund) made it out just in time and escape injury. The tense moment also gave us one epic Dawsey hug so we can't complain.

When he told Louie, "I will always be your dad."

If you weren't reaching for the tissues after this sweet moment from Season 5, you probably don't have a pulse. Young Louie comes into his life when Dawson rescues him from a burning building. Casey is hesitant at first but then agrees to try and adopt him. However, the boy's biological father shows up and they give him up in the end but they'll always have this tender moment.

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Shining a light on Dawson during his own ceremony

What's better than a loving husband who knows how to give credit when credit is due? During his big ceremony in which his promotion to captain is made official, he turns the spotlight on Dawson, calling her a hero and an inspiration for her incredible efforts during that parking garage collapse. If you didn't think it before, this moment definitely certified them as #CouplesGoals.

When he realized it was a bad idea to criticize his wife's work

In addition to supporting your partner, knowing when to back off is also important. That's why we're tipping our hat to Casey for quickly backing down when Gabby delivers that stern look after he criticizes her penmanship. Yeah, you don't want to mess with Dawson.

That time he spared our feelings and survived that out-of-control warehouse fire

Casey's fate was left in the air in the Season 5 finale when he found himself trapped and without his mask in a gnarly warehouse fire. Believing he was going to die, he made an emotional call to Dawson to tell her how much he loved her. When the show returned for Season 6, it looked like he'd be a goner for sure but then a cruel fake-out proved otherwise. Not only did he live, he even received a Medal of Valor! So thank you, Casey, for not wrecking our hearts by dying.

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