Cher by Dan MacMedan/ Cher by Dan MacMedan/
Cher tells Oprah Winfrey she and Tom Cruise were once a couple, back when he was a "shy boy." A transcript from the May 8 episode provided to the Associated Press did not clearly indicate when Cher, 61, and Cruise, 45, dated. "I lived in his apartment...he was so wonderful. I was crazy about him. And he was so, like, different. He was a shy boy. He didn't have any money," she said. Cruise will appear on Oprah tomorrow and on Monday (May 5) and according to the transcript asked Oprah to say hello to Cher for him. - J.R. Whalen So what do you think? Is Tom the one that got away? Is Cher? And what's up with that 16-year age difference? Related: " Tom Cruise and Oprah's Couch to Reunite Next Week