Actor Eric Balfour — star of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake (opening Oct. 17) — just keeps popping up on TV. He's been Claire's psycho, drug-addicted boyfriend on Six Feet Under and a computer geek on 24. But wait, what about his role on Jerry Bruckheimer's much-hyped WB series, Fearless?

"Fearless is still coming," Balfour insists to TV Guide Online, "but we don't have a date right now."

The much maligned — albeit with good reason — pilot featured Balfour as an FBI agent partnered with Rachael Leigh Cook, who plays a woman born without the gene to feel fear. Sound like a sketchy premise? Perhaps that's why the former fall series got bumped to the murky land of midseason. But Balfour insists that other forces were at play behind this scheduling decision.

"We haven't shot more than the pilot," the 26-year-old points out. "Basically, what happened was [executive producers] Jerry and Jonathan Littman, in their infinite wisdom, were just not happy with the direction the writers of the show were taking. So they needed to step back and find the right writers to do the show, and that pushed us back to midseason. And that is still the plan."

Hey, things could work out for Fearless. After all, Balfour is the first to admit he had no clue how popular Six Feet Under would be. "I knew the quality of it was really special," he says, "but I was sure that people wouldn't like it as much as they did. I thought it would be something that had this really small cult following, and they would keep it going for a long time.

"I did not think," he adds, "that when I would go to a bowling alley in a suburb of Chicago, Ken, the beer-drinking-Chicago-bowling-alley-guy would be like, 'I can't believe what you did to Claire! You really ought to get your act together, kid.' That's a trip."