Well, you certainly can't say nothing happened this week, huh? Caesar, in Egypt, has to deal with boy-king Ptolemy, Cleopatra's brother. ("I think I can handle a small boy and an eunuch," he says when asked if sticking around to "settle things" is a good idea after being presented with Pompey's head as a gift.) Of course he can, and how bad do we want to see him give that annoying little gnat a good slap, kick or series of both? But we get something better a brilliantly done fight scene when Lucius and Pullo are sent to rescue Cleo from the assassins her little brother hired, followed by a hilarious sex scene and its aftermath when she demands Lucius sleep with her, and he sends Pullo in to do the deed. And it doesn't slow down from there. She manages to look amazing when dumped out of a piece of burlap and onto the floor. And it's clear that Caesar, and any man she sets her sights on, is toast. Speaking of toast, after she comes on the scene, Ptolemy's advisors' heads go up on pikes, joining that of Pompey's killer. (Lot of that going around all of a sudden.) Then it's a whole lot more sex, with Cleo bedding Caesar and Servilia once again bedding Octavia. Once again, however, we're cheated when suddenly a year's gone by and we're merely informed of Caesar's victory without seeing a battle. But I don't feel so bad when, after wanting to see Ptolemy smacked or booted, we're treated to him face-down in the water. Ouch. And here's Caesar's heir, born to Cleopatra. Wonder what'll happen when he grows up to look an awful lot like Pullo?