Well, well, it certainly looks like Lupita has received what she deserves this week: She's getting a raise. Or, more accurately, after catching onto Nancy's wheelin' and dealin', she demands a raise, as she throws the bud-stuffed pillow, where Nancy hordes her stash, at her "Mrs." And it doesn't look like Nancy's going to argue here, as the "suburban baroness of bud" is clearly busted. In other corners of the baroness' universe, Celia and Conrad finally cross paths and plan a hot night on the town, and to Nancy's dismay, she is included. Still suffering aftershocks from last week's shooting at Heylia's, Nancy meets the local competition, who has farmed his family out to Atlanta in order to keep them alive. Not exactly soothing for Nancy Pants... To add to the irk, bro-in-law Andy manipulates a silly young thing into being his sponsor at Marijuana Anonymous. From here, he manipulates her right into the sack, with a lame story of getting dumped by his girl. If his sponsor wants to be loose as a goose, that's fine by me, but how could she buy his story? He clearly is seeking pity, and she falls for his trap. Silly sponsor, tricks are for kids. And Nancy's youngest, Shane, becomes more demented as each week progresses. This week we find him making terrorist videos, complete with "infidels" and a beheading, to boot. Perhaps Shane needs to reconnect with his grief counselor, who has not been mentioned since the premiere episode. I can't think of a better time than the present.... Outside of terrorism and manipulating 12-step programs, we are all sexed up this week, with Conrad and Celia making whoopee in a car, and Nancy's oldest, Silas, reconnecting with beautiful Megan  and Uncle Andy, but we've addressed that already. This leaves us with Nancy, some adult toys, drained AA batteries and depressing videos of her deceased spouse. Life sure is a bitch for her.