Revelations Revelations

Certainly not the funniest episode so far. That scene with Carlos physically forcing Gabrielle to sign the postnuptial agreement was DH's most disturbing scene to date. (Oh, c'mon, Mrs. Huber's strangling was not that bad.) Carlos instantly went from unpleasant, controlling husband to the show's reigning bastard. And John finally returned, just in time to provide a new mystery as to who will be the father if Gabrielle's "surprise" pregnancy actually happens.

In fact, this whole episode had a pervasive theme of violence and physical intimidation. From the police telling the remaining "Youngs" about the chopped-up woman found in the trunk to the shoving and throwing issues involving Susan's mother (Lesley Ann Warren) and stepfather (Bob Newhart) and, of course, Bree's spanking of little Porter Scavo.

And then there's Mrs. Huber's sister (Harriet Sansom Harris). She is so sickeningly sweet and splendidly conniving all at once, it's a thing of absolute beauty. So it appears (and I can't emphasize that word enough) that good ol' Mary Alice Young (or Angela) swiped Zach when he was a baby, changed his name, and then disposed of the female "private detective" who came calling for him. Private detective? Try real mother, I bet. The question is whether she was anybody notable or just a random soon-to-be corpse.

The whole spanking scenario was pretty interesting, which, I'm sorry to say, doesn't usually apply to the Scavo story lines. I mean, they're decently amusing and all, just not overly riveting. But this time there was a little more for Felicity Huffman to do than just act harried and disheveled. Thankfully, Bree and Lynette's friendship bounced back quickly. But the bigger question for Mrs. Van De Kamp is how she (and Rex) will ultimately react to Andrew's coming out. But that's for next week....