Ryan Seacrest, Ellen Degeneres Ryan Seacrest, Ellen Degeneres

We like Twitter when it's done right: Funny, useful, or insightful — yes. Overly self-promoting, too frequent, or just plain boring — not so much. Chuck fans, you've made us proud with your Twitter campaign to save your beloved show from cancellation (click here to join the #savechuck movement). Oprah, please step it up, because right now you are #JPB (just plain boring).

Since it's #followfriday in Twitter-land, we've made a list of our top 20 current favorite Twitter-ers. (In entertainment Twitter-land, you can never tell whether the people are real or whether their publicists are doing the tweeting. We just think these are funny.) Tweet us your favorites! And if you still just don't get it, we won't judge you. Click here to learn more about Twitter.

1. Diablo Cody: "Re: Jon Gosselin allegedly cheating-- How awesome would it be if he had a secret *other* set of sextuplets living across town?"

2. Michael Ian Black: "Trying to decide whether or not to break out my rhinestone encrusted medical mask."

3. Rob Corddry: "Dear leggings, You look super great on women. Keep up the good work! Love, Rob"

4. Diddy: "Ptwitty question of the day: vanilla or chocolate???? Let's go people!!!"

5. Ellen: "Got a call from Annie Duke. She heard Melissa & Joan were here. She wants to respond. I said yes, but I was bluffing. She'll be on Monday."

6. Michael Ausiello's "Entertainment Weekly's Ausiello Files": "Killer Dexter spoilers! Click here at your own risk... http://tinyurl.com/d42ows"

7. Jimmy Fallon: "I totally messed up the intro to Emily last night. We put it on at the end of the show. Jeff Zucker happened to be at the show."

8. Tina Fey: "Why can't I doodle on my trackpad with a pen thing? I like drawing giants penises on Jon Stewart. Apple- Doodleytrackpad! Stat!"
http://twitter.com/TinaFey (BTW, Fey and NBC have made it clear this is not really her, but we still think the fake tweets are funny.)

9. Gossip Girl Fan Site — GGInsider: "Kristen Bell to Guest Star on Gossip Girl? http://tinyurl.com/chyhko"

10. Greg Grunberg: "Strolling beautiful London today — a crazy obnoxious FAN WOMAN THING screams, "Parkman!!" & comes running. She was, of course..AMERICAN!!"

11. Kim Kardashian: "My blonde hair is a WIG!!!! haha, did I have you fooled??? Chuckie Amos totally transformed me! http://bit.ly/qqVCo"

12. John Mayer: "Dear pimple in my eyebrow: I appreciate you staying discrete, but goodness, you are painful."

13. Joel McHale: "Just so everyone knows...I'm not going to shave today."

14. Kevin Nealon : "Is it a bad idea to send a ransom note via email? Can I cut and paste fonts?"

15. The Onion: "In Focus: Plastic Surgeon General Warns Of Small Breasts Epidemic http://bit.ly/bhVqo"

16. Seth Rogen: "I declare tonight a twitter in 3D night! go out start yelling your thoughts & u'll meet new people. tell them about Rogiddy & @j_murder ;)"
http://twitter.com/Seth_Rogen (BTW, Rogen has made it clear this is not really him, but we still think the fake tweets are funny.)

17. Ryan Seacrest: "simon is "premiering" his new house to randy and me today...GAG"

18. Speidi: [Heidi] "thank you God for another day of life!!! and for waking up as Mrs.Pratt!"

19. The View: "Beauty on a budget! Get our best beauty buys for under $20!! http://abc.go.com/daytime/t..."
The co-hosts:
Elisabeth Hasselbeck http://twitter.com/ehasselbeck
Joy Beharhttp://twitter.com/JoyVBehar 
Barbara Waltershttp://twitter.com/BarbaraJWalters 
Sherri Shepherdhttp://twitter.com/SherriEShepherd 
Whoopi Goldberg — Too cool to tweet

20. Rainn Wilson: "I'm going to buy a pair of crocs so I can melt them down and pour them as molten liquid into the eyes of whoever invented them."

Honorable Mentions:

-Who We'd Like to See Tweeting: Creed Bratton sharing his thoughts on "ginseng suppositories"
-Who We'd Like to See Tweeting More:
Jon Hamm, who should run for "Captain of America" http://twitter.com/jonhamm

VIDEO: If Twitter Were a Reality...
"Seth Rogen" may be onto something about tweeting in 3D. This video pretty much sums it up how well it would go over:

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