Lara Logan by Craig Blankenhorn/CBS Lara Logan by Craig Blankenhorn/CBS

CBS News' Lara Logan on Wednesday was promoted to chief foreign affairs correspondent and relocated to Washington, D.C. - this just days after the she critiqued network news reporting on The Daily Show.

Speaking to Jon Stewart, the South African had grumbled that her meaty reports from Baghdad often get shelved in favor of fluff, adding, "If I were to watch the news that you get here in the United States, I would just blow my brains out. It would drive me nuts."

In announcing Logan's new gig, CBS News boss Sean McManus hailed her as "extraordinarily determined and courageous." Indeed, Logan - a former swimsuit model - has a rep for reporting from dicey situations and has been dubbed the "War Zone's It Girl" by no less than the Old Grey Lady herself. - Matt Mitovich

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