James 'Whitey' Bulger James 'Whitey' Bulger

Now that reputed crime boss Whitey Bulger has been captured, can a movie or TV miniseries be far behind?

After all, he was second only to Osama bin Laden on the FBI's 10 most-wanted list.

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It certainly would have all the compelling elements: a charismatic, violent gangster; 16-plus years eluding and embarrassing the FBI, for which he was once an informant; going on the lam when he was tipped off by his corrupt handler that the authorities he was helping were going to arrest him; an alleged role in 19 murders; his crew was colorfully named (the Winter Hill Gang); a $2 million bounty on his head (the largest reward ever offered by the FBI for a domestic fugitive); and a publicity push focusing on his moll that finally led to him getting nabbed. The settings would range from South Boston to London to Santa Monica, Calif. Oh, and his brother was once the president of the Massachusetts state Senate and became president of the University of Massachusetts.

A fictionalized version of Bulger was played by Jack Nicholson in 2006's The Departed (which finally won Martin Scorsese his long overdue directing Oscar, as well as Best Picture). But let's have our imaginations run wild about who should portray him in a biopic/miniseries. Who would you nominate?