Red Arrow Red Arrow

Cartoon Network is back in action tonight — literally. After a lengthy delay, the channel's Friday-night action shows are finally returning with original episodes. Leading off the night is Batman: The Brave and the Bold, which begins its final run of new installments, starting with "Scorn of the Star Staphire!" (originally slated to air in May), guest-starring Green Lantern and Wonder Woman (in an awesome opening segment).

That's followed by another DC Comics themed show, Young Justice, which features a team of teenage superheroes, including Superboy, Aqualad and Kid Flash. Only nine episodes have aired so far, with a mysterious cadre of villains known as the Light secretly monitoring the squad. "As we get further along in the season, the plans of the Light begin to coalesce," says producer Greg Weisman. "The search for a possible infiltrator on the team becomes more intense. And in general we just ratchet up the danger factor as we introduce more new characters, more new villains, more new heroes and things just get more intense." Tonight's episode, "Targets," features a solo adventure for Red Arrow, while many of the younger heroes adjust to a new school year in their civilian identities.

The teen hero theme continues with the return of two shows from animation studio Man of Action, Generator Rex and Ben 10: Ultimate Alien. Those are followed by the hour-long Season 4 premiere of Star Wars: The Clone Wars (read our preview here). The new series ThunderCats returns to the schedule next week.

The new Friday-night schedule:

6:00/5:00c: Batman: The Brave and the Bold

6:30/5:30c: Young Justice

7:00/6:00c: Generator Rex

7:30/6:30c: Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

8:00/7:00c: Star Wars: The Clone Wars

8:30/7:30c: ThunderCats (returns Sept. 23)

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