After butt-kicking her way through three Matrix flicks, Carrie-Anne Moss had a tough time severing ties to her PVC-clad character, Trinity, in the trilogy's finale, Matrix Revolutions. It was especially difficult given how seemingly permanent the separation was.

"They let me do my death on my last day of work," Moss recalls. "So it was a really emotional day, saying goodbye to that character and to my crew and that cast. My dialogue is, 'I've done everything I can and now I have to move on.' And the first take I couldn't even speak. I was all teary and snotty. They were like, 'Let's clean her up and do it again with a little less emotion.'"

One thing she won't miss: Filming all those backbreaking action sequences. "That kind of physical demand is brutal," sighs the actress, who next stars in the much more low-key thriller Suspect Zero (opening Friday). "The guys seem to really love it, but I found it really hard."

Well, Moss is apparently a glutton for punishment. She recently snagged a role opposite Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible 3, which now won't start filming until summer 2005. Speaking of the Impossible delay, what's the Canadian-born beauty gonna do with all her free time? "I have a kid now, so he's my No. 1 priority," she says of her son with actor Steven Roy. "Every moment that I don't have to work is really great, because I have a baby that is just too much fun to be with. So [the break] is actually a great thing for me."