So far, Candice King has been spotted filming two episodes for The Originals Season 5, but it sounds like she's not quite done yet. Third time's the charm?

"They're still filming, and I may or may not be heading to Atlanta one more time," King told Us Weekly. "So I'm just as much in the dark as all the fans are. It's been really fun to continue that storyline, knowing how much it meant to everyone that watched the show."

Assuming she's just being coy, it sounds like she'll film at least one more episode featuring Caroline Forbes before The Originals closes its doors for good.

King also added that the majority of her scenes have been with Joseph Morgan, a.k.a Klaus Mikaelson, meaning the Klaroline drought fans have withstood the past few years might finally be over. "The Klaroline fans will be very happy," King says.

The Originals will return in 2018.

Candice King, <em>The Vampire Diaries</em>Candice King, The Vampire Diaries