Natascha McElhone and David Duchovny by Randy Tepper/Showtime Natascha McElhone and David Duchovny by Randy Tepper/Showtime

Remember how the premiere season of Showtime's Californication ended in smiles? Well, that won't last. Creator Tom Kapinos sat down with us at the Season 1 DVD release party to dish on what will happen next with the dysfunctional family.

"The second season [arriving no sooner than September] is investigating the very nature of happy endings, whether they really exist at all," he says. "The reason I chose to freeze-frame it in that happy moment is because if you let it play out, eventually their smiles are going to fade and they have to deal with reality."

That reality is Sonia (played by Paula Marshall), who will return with a bun in the oven - a bun that may or may not be Hank's. "That [will be] splitting Hank and Karen apart in the early parts of the season," says Kapinos.

Also, Battlestar Galactica's Callum Keith Rennie joins the cast as an iconic record producer, a kind of Phil Spector-meets-Rick Rubin who gives Hank the dream job of writing his biography. "This is the guy who functions as the devil on his shoulder, leading him back down the path." Like Hank Moody needs an excuse. - Carita Rizzo

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