In this Q&A: Learn why <EM>Veronica Mars</EM> puts up with Dick, and much more! In this Q&A: Learn why Veronica Mars puts up with Dick, and much more!

You asked and Rob Thomas answered. Simple, right? In this brand-new reader Q&A, the creator of Veronica Mars (Tuesdays at 9 pm/ET, on the CW) tells all about his plans for an encounter between Mac and Dick Casablancas, as well as a potential love interest for Weevil. Also, the Mac-a-holics can rest easy since Thomas promises much more of the lovable computer geek this spring. Read on to discover who the real bad guy in the Casablancas clan is, as well as the one celebrity who could revive the movie version of Keith's book.

In Season 1, Beaver walks us through a flashback where he says that Dick encouraged him to have his way with Veronica while she was unconscious. Beaver said he didn't touch her, which we now know is a total lie. But my question is, are we still supposed to believe Dick put him up to it in the first place? Because if so, it's hard to accept the current portrayal of him as a mostly harmless buffoon, and that he and Veronica are on pretty good terms now. So what gives? Did he really encourage Beaver to rape Veronica, or not?
Rob Thomas: All the audience is supposed to know about that night is what two people — mass murderer Beaver and drug-dealer/thief Sean — have told Veronica. According to Dick, he was completely innocent of any intention to violate Veronica. That's a bit of a cop-out answer, and I know it is, but I take some comfort in it. Here's why: At the time we wrote that episode, Ryan Hansen was simply this day-player actor who we weren't terribly invested in. He was, in our mind, the prototypical lunkhead — think the Kurt and Ram characters from Heathers. That was the only function he needed to fill. Then a funny thing happened: The writing staff fell in love with the guy. He knocked every funny line we gave him out of the park, and every writer in the room wanted to put Dick in his/her scenes. Sure, we thought, he's still a lunkhead, but he's a charming, funny, watchable lunkhead. He got dialed down from is-he-a-date-rapist to he's-a-somewhat-lovable-jerk. Certainly characters evolve over time. We would never have Logan, say, organize Bum Fights again. Nor would we imply, again, that Dick was as reprehensible as he may — or may not — have been on the night of Veronica's rape. If it helps you [when you're watching] Dick to keep in mind that the two people who reported his bad behavior on the night of Veronica's rape are unreliable, know that you're not alone. It also helps me.

Earlier this season, there was a hint of something bad that Dick Casablancas had done. Will that come back? I love his character, but I really liked that hint that he might have some depth. Everything that went on with him last season had to have some effect, and I'd be really interested to see that played out. Also, could there be any possibility of a Dick-Mac pairing? I know it sounds a little crazy considering how he treats her, but it could be very interesting.
Dick is not over his issues regarding Beaver's death, and we will, once again, bring that issue to the surface. He will even have something of a heart-to-heart with Mac. I'm not sure I buy a potential romance, but they'll certain get some screen time together.

Do you have any other projects in the works?
I wrote a pilot for Fox this year. It was an anthological romantic comedy, sort of a return to my Cupid roots. Think Love Actually in a hotel. They did not order it to series. I'm bitter. I'll get it ordered some day, and they'll rue the day. Rue the day!

Will Weevil have more to do in the upcoming episodes and will we see more Wallace, too? Are there any plans to give these guys girlfriends?
We actually had a story line in which Weevil had a girlfriend, but it ended up getting replaced by something we liked better. There will be a Weevil-focused mystery of the week in Episode 319, tentatively titled, "Weevils Wobble."

Why do we always see Dick at Logan's hotel room? Doesn't he have his own room in the frat house?
Dick and Logan live together. That suite has two rooms, I swear. If you haven't noticed before, you'll see in Episode 313 [airing Feb. 13] that Logan crosses all the way from the interior of his bedroom to Dick's. Dick has never lived in the frat house, though in our minds, he spends a good deal of his free time there.

I thought the season's first arc was really well done, and one of my favorite things about it was the growth of Parker — seeing her grow from victim to activist to rescuer was really powerful. When you started planning the arc, did you know Parker would be the one who came to Veronica's rescue in the end? And what's in store for Parker now that Mercer and Moe are behind bars? I loved her partnership with Mac and Veronica in the most recent episode, and I think she adds a lot to the show.
First of all, thanks. We didn't decide to make Parker the one to come to Veronica's aid until midway through the arc. We've had Keith show up. We've had Logan show up. I wanted a female to come to Veronica's aid this time. It felt like a poetic note to have a victim be the one to help in Mercer's downfall. On the Mac front, we actually backloaded her episodes, so you'll see a lot more of her. We will actually play a lot of Mac's love-life on screen.

Do you always have a concrete idea of every aspect of the mystery? Is the villain always clearly identified when you begin writing? Do you ever change it as the series continues? Do you check boards to see if fans can figure it out before V.?
We don't have a concrete idea for every aspect of the mystery, though we do know who "dunnit." We know how the villain did it. We know the clues that will lead to his downfall. The rest grows a bit more organically out of the week-to-week story-breaking. In the first two seasons, I was very interested in reading the boards. It certainly helped in knowing if we were laying out clues effectively. I want to have a mystery where a reasonable percentage figure it out, but I want it to reward careful viewing, and I don't want it so easy that most people figure it out. This year, our nine-episode mystery was already completely written before our first episode aired, so it was impossible to get any useful feedback.

Whatever became of the movie they were going to do based on Keith's book about Veronica and the Lily Kane murder? I would think that now that Aaron Echolls is dead, it would be in even more demand. Having a teen starlet follow Veronica around trying to absorb her character would make for a hilarious episode.
That's the story line I carry around in my back pocket for the day Natalie Portman agrees to do an episode — seriously — though I'd break it out for any number of stunt-casting possibilities. I love the idea. We've had it forever. And take it from someone who knows, movies get delayed forever.

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