Burn Notice Burn Notice

Another explosive season of Burn Notice is about to come to an end, but executive producer Matt Nix promises there are plenty of fireworks in store for the two-hour season finale, airing Dec. 16 at 9/8c on USA Network. "Both of the episodes that run back to back are two of my favorite episodes ever," Nix told TV Guide Magazine at the HRTS Hitmakers Luncheon on December 8. "One is really a battle for Michael's soul. And the finale, I think, is our most action packed and romantic episode yet."

For fans wanting closure, that's exactly what they're going to get. "[The finale] focuses both on resolving all of the major conflicts through the season in a very climactic and big way, but also really getting into Michael and Fiona's relationship in a very serious way," says Nix. "Hopefully America likes it as much as I do, I get chills every time I watch it."

While he will hopefully leave fans wanting more dangerous escapades from Michael, (Jeffrey Donovan), Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar) and Sam (Bruce Campbell), Nix is already preparing for the prequel that will feature the adventures of Sam Axe pre-Michael Westen. "Bruce Campbell has his own big fan base from his Evil Dead-movies and also other movies he's done over the years, so realizing that we have the opportunity to do something that is simultaneously aimed at fans of Bruce Campbell and fans of Burn Notice was something that I kicked around in the first season," he says. "Bruce was into it, Jeffrey wanted to direct it and it all came together in a nice way and has evolved into something that I think is going to be a fun lead-in to season 5."

As for topping himself in Season 5 on the action front? No need to worry. Nix has already figured it out. "Next year we are going to have to do a tank battle in the middle of Miami," he jokes. "There is nothing else we could do. We know it. We're raising the funds now."

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