Steve Rannazzisi Steve Rannazzisi

Buffalo Wild Wings has turned its back on Steve Rannazzisi.

On Thursday, the fast-casual chain decided to pull a series of ads featuring the actor, according to TMZ.

Earlier this week, the comedian and star of The League admitted that he has been lying about escaping from one of the World Trade Center buildings during the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. When the New York Times story came out Tuesday, Buffalo Wild Wings released a statement saying the company was "currently re-evaluating our relationship with Steve," who was featured in its ads.

The League star Steve Rannazzisi admits his 9/11 escape story was made up

Escaping the Twin Towers attack was Rannazzisi's go-to line in multiple interviews over the years — that he'd been in the south tower when the planes hit and was one of the lucky ones who got out in time. As a result of the near-death experience, he claims he decided to move to Los Angeles and try to make it as a comic actor.

WATCH: Steve Rannazzisi confesses to lying about 9/11

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