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Director Bryan Singer has filed a motion to dismiss a sex abuse lawsuit that was filed against him last month by Michael Egan, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The X-Men: Days of Future Past director is claiming lack of jurisdiction, citing a deposition Egan gave in 2003 that states Singer was never in Hawaii with him and never sexually abused him. In his lawsuit, Egan claims that Singer sexually abused him from age 15 to 17 and flew him to Hawaii for sex. Singer says he was in Canada working on X-Men during the period of time Egan says the trips to Hawaii took place.

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David Neuman, another man Egan has sued for similar allegations, filed a similar motion last week, THR reports. He also cites a deposition in which Egan states he had never had physical contact with Neuman. Egan gave the depositions in relation to three lawsuits he filed in 2000 against entertainment executives, claiming they sexually abused him.

Singer is also being sued by a second anonymous plaintiff who has made similar claims. He has denied all of the allegations